Breaking in the Birkenstock’s


I have caved. I’ve bought my first pair of ‘ugly’ shoes. Damn you Miranda Kerr for making me lust after these for so long. As much as I love my new summer essentials, they don’t half cut my feet, Don’t be fooled by the look of comfort these shoes have. Stupidly the first time wearing these shoes was a day based solely on walking and let’s just say my feet weren’t pretty by the end of it. So here is my guide on how break these beauties in, based on my month long struggle to stop blisters once and for all.

1. DON’T wear them for a long time straight out of the box. I’d say that 3 hours is about the longest time you are going to get for them to be comfortable until they are broken in. Ideally wear them around the house, or just to the shop and take them off as soon as you feel any stinging. If I had done this, not having to leave time for my feet to heal it would of halved the time it takes to break them in.

2. DO wear some big socks and parade around the house. Following on from the first tip, when you wear them around the house (no socks and sandals in public please) try wearing some thick socks, this will increase the time you can wear them and protect you from blisters but also will force the leather to stretch slightly bigger than your feet, stopping them from rubbing.

3. Try using your hair dryer. Using heat on the shoes will force them to mold to your feet quicker than just walking on them. Because of the cork foot bed on Birkis, heat helps to make the shoes supple. For this put on your socks, warm up your shoe and then walk around for a bit while it cools. You may feel ridiculous drying your shoes but it helps!

4. Make sure the straps are fitted properly. The first day I wore my Birkis the straps were far too tight, which made the top of my foot hurt so much more than it needed too, likewise being too loose makes your foot ache as you try to grip onto the shoe. Before wearing them unbuckle the straps, place your foot in (stood up) and then put the straps over- This way you shouldn’t do it too tight or loose.

5.Be patient and always have plasters. Perhaps the most unhelpful tip but the best thing for breaking in any type of shoe is patience, as annoying as it may be. Just wear them little and often and when you do decide to brave the outside world (without socks) always remember to have plenty of plasters tucked away as you more than likely may need them.

I hope you have found this helpful! The Birkenstock’s I have are the White Arizonas. Let me know in the comments if you have had similar problems


2 thoughts on “Breaking in the Birkenstock’s

  1. I just got some leather strapped black Arizonas and wore them for an hour or so and they totally cut into my foot. Thanks for the help, I’m terrified they won’t stop hurting my foot but hopeful that they will stop because i love the black and can’t return them at this point

    • The black ones are lovely! Stick with it, I’m on my second summer of birkis now and I couldn’t be without them, I’ve worn them nearly every day without a blister in sight, so stock up on plasters and wait patiently for the day they become your foot’s best friend

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