Alexander Wang X H&M Top Picks.

Following on from last years sell-out collaboration with Isabel Marant, H&M have gained the talent of fashion heavyweight Alexander Wang for their latest release. The collection which is set to debut in stores November 6th, has already been previewed in New York so with less than a week until the queues form outside Oxford Circus I thought I would go through the bunch and pick my top pieces.

Wang calls his inspiration for the collection ‘sports at night’, keeping the colours monochromatic and the materials mainly neoprene and leather this is perhaps the most accurate description for the potentially confusing collection. Unlike his predecessor Isabel Marant, who produced a very wearable and ‘high street’ twist on a high fashion label; Wang has stuck by his guns as an edgy face within fashion.

The first piece which caught my eye was the well tailored Scuba Trousers in Black.


Priced at an affordable £39.99 this is a piece bound to sell out. By adding the zips and knee padding Wang plays on a classic trouser cut. The fabric is also holding a place within higher price point fashion at the moment without a dupe available on the high street so it will inevitably be in demand.

To go alongside the Scuba Trousers is the Scuba top with ‘Wang’ logo. Being one of the more ‘wearable’ pieces within the collection, it mimics a usual sweatshirt. As with all designer collaborations the pieces with obvious branding will be the first to sell out to excitable fans. Paired with a pair of leather trousers or just black jeans the £34.99 top will make a on trend autumn outfit.


My most expensive pick of course is the well spoken about Leather Boots, at £99.99 the price point is higher than some of the other pieces within the collection. But for good quality leather boots, created by Wang the price is acceptable.


The boots can be transferable between day and night as the heels isn’t too ridicuolusly high. The height of the boots resembles the sell out shoe of the A/W 13 Stella McCartney Harley Boot. The matte finish of the leather also gives the boots a more expensive look.


Last but not least is my favourite piece of the entire collection. It is the Yoga Mat, for £39.99 is there a more stylish way to exercise?

Alexander Wang for H&M will be available in stores and online from November 6th


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