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Now Sissy that Walk.

So I may be a little late to the party but I can proudly announce I have swapped reruns of Gossip Girl for RuPaul’s Drag Race. Now, although the show is far from high brow culture, the essence of style amongst the ladies is what really gripped my attention (well that and the countless catchphrases). The deeper I delve into the Netflix abyss the more my gut screams that these looks aren’t just confided to inners of the workroom but instead are rolling into our own style obsessed lives.

Looking at the S/S ’15 couture shows, the comparison can easily be drawn. Ok so maybe the designers aren’t donning 3ft wigs and a ton of glitter, but what forms the base of every collection through history is the silhouette. Once we remove the typical buzzwords for drag fashion (glitter, pink, eccentric etc) we are left looking for at an accentuated female form. Add a dash of theatricality and we are rolling SS ’15 straight onto Ru’s catwalk . Designers such as Ulyanna Sergeenko and Viktor & Rolf have both mixed exaggerated lines with a sense of playfulness for their latest collections.

Ulyana_Sergeenko_ viktor and rolf


This tlit towards amplified feminine shapes, however can’t be held exclusively to the new season. Designer Alexander McQueen was perhaps a model example of exploiting varied silhouettes mixed with his love of texture and eye for powerful materials to create his eye catching designs. His aesthetic and manipulation of gender in many of his shows add power to his work as a prediction for the future of androgynous and modern feminine culture.


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